Nobleford Water Treatment Plant & Wastewater Lagoon

Earth mover working for Dennis Dirtworx

Dennis Dirtworx, an excavation company that serves all of southern Alberta, moved 70,000 cubic meters of earth to completely redesign existing lagoon structures. The project involved excavating a new facultative cell, de-sludging, and regrading existing facultative cells. 

All facultative cells received a 60-mil liner to prevent ground penetration. Three new anaerobic cells were constructed and clay-lined with armor for bank stabilization. De-sludging occurred at all existing cells, and sludge was land-applied. All concrete control structures were replaced. A live tie-in to the existing sanitary main was completed. 

Overall, there was a great working relationship with MPE Engineering and the town of Nobleford. This project was completed November of 2020.


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