Chin 10 Canal Project

Culverts in canal

In this canal-cleaning project, Dennis Dirtworx performed two canal realignments. The project entailed a large-diameter culvert road crossing, multiple drop structures, and a 4,000-tonne armored bank lining.  Overall, Dennis Dirtworx moved 30,000 cubic meters of earth to install five large concrete structures.

BRID Lomond Canal Rehab

This project involved 13 kilometers of canal cleaning and armoring. The original contract stipulated 7 km, but another 6 km were added post-contract.  A total of 425,000 cubic meters of earth was moved. Moreover, 50,000 tonnes of armor was produced in-house, trucked, and placed along the canal. Dennis Dirtworx installed 30 structures ranging from farm […]

SMRID Cameron Project

Cameron Project

Dennis Dirtworx relocated an open canal to a pipeline system. A large-diameter (1,200mm – 100mm) pipe water main was installed. Six Lethbridge County road crossings were performed, with complete traffic management strategies applied.  Additionally, a 130-meter auger bore was coordinated and completed under the Canadian Pacific Railway and Highway. Three 9,100-meter pipelines were installed, and […]

SMRID 8-Mile Project

This project relocated an open canal to a pipeline system. Dennis Dirtworx installed a large-diameter (1,050mm – 100mm) water main pipe, a total of 9,000 meters of pipeline, and 19 service risers to farmers.  Dennis Dirtworx also performed six Lethbridge County road crossings, with complete traffic management strategies applied. The team removed the existing infrastructure […]

Chin Canal Rehabilitation

Chin 2 involved the rehabilitation of a canal. 100,000 cubic meters of earth had to be moved to deconstruct the old infrastructure. A large-diameter (900mm – 100mm) Rip Rap water main was installed. The Dennis Dirtworx team was also responsible for multiple auger crossings under Alberta transportation highways, and for land restoration. The team worked […]

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